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Gluko Support

Gluko Support

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Effektive Stabilisierung des Blutzuckerspiegels

  • Natürliches Bockshornkleesamenextrakt trägt zur Aufrechterhaltung eines normalen Blutzuckerspiegels bei
  • Unterstützt eine gesunde Verdauung
  • Unterstützt die Fettverbrennung
  • Unterstützt die Aufrechterhaltung eines gesunden Cholesterinspiegels

Supplement facts

Composition per:                                   2 capsules                        4 capsules

Trypsin                                                      144 mg (4320 FIP*)        288 mg

Bromelain                                                270 mg (1350 FIP*)        540 mg

Rutoside Trihydrate (Rutin)                   300 mg                             600 mg

*FIP: Enzyme activity as per the standards of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (F.I.P.)

Ingredients: rutoside trihydrate (rutin); bromelain (pineapple); gelatine; trypsin (porcine); coating agent shellac.

  • Free from gluten, wheat and yeast
  • Free from sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Free from artificial flavors, artificial preservatives and artificial colors

Suggested use


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Convenient 2 capsules per day
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    After many years of increasing knee pain, I was diagnosed with knee arthritis. I have always been very active (working in a clothing store, walking, cycling) and was afraid not being able to do so, especially whilst having more leisure time given my retirement. I was advised a change in lifestyle since I was overweight, and a regimen of Enzym Complex Classic.
    I feel good, healthy and I am able to stay active. I am a grandmother now and it is a great feeling to be able – to try – to keep up with my grandchildren.


    I am the typical amateur sports person. I played football all my life and still play occasionally, and I run to stay in shape. I was diagnosed with knee arthritis three years ago after dealing with a lingering knee injury. The doctor told me to carefully build up my training efforts instead of trying to run a marathon in my first training. I was advised to take Enzym Complex Classic. I have become better at listening to my body and feel good in this routine. I to take 2 capsules when I return from a run or in the evening before going to bed. At times, when training is more intense, I will take 2 times 2 capsules per day.


    Vein inflammation had been bothering me for years. It is painful and limited my daily activities. I was advised the use of Enzym Complex Classic. Together with a change in lifestyle (I exercise more and eat healthier), I feel much better. Initially I used 4 capsules per day but now 2 capsules are sufficient. I feel comfortable doing my job as a nurse and enjoy my leisure time. I take two capsules in the morning immediately when I get out of bed. Given my morning routine, this is well before having my breakfast.

  • Enzymes are most effective and active when they enter the blood stream at the intestines. It is important that the sensitive enzymes are protected from stomach fluids.

    A quick transition through the stomach is essential and therefore it is recommended to take the capsules 30 minutes before and 90 minutes after a meal. Enzym Complex Classic has an additional protection for stomach fluids through a shellac coating (granule) of the ingredients.

  • MS

    Alternative to conventional painkillers

    I've heard good things about enzymes as an alternative to traditional painkillers, even from my doctor. Since my significant other has been having quite painful shoulder and knee problems for a while, I thought it was worth a try and ordered these capsules. Painkillers have so far provided only temporary relief. The enzyme bromelain, supported by trypsin and rutosin, is also said to have an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect.


    Helps me with a sore wrist and thumb

    I ordered the Enzyme Complex capsules to test because I have had painful inflammation in my thumb joint for several weeks. I've had the problem a few times and capsules with a similar composition from a well-known manufacturer helped me..


    It helped me a lot

    The combination is used after injury to prevent or relieve swelling and inflammation. It is also used to treat blood vessel inflammation due to blockages in the vessels. The combination is also used for aches and pains caused by joint damage caused by wear and tear. I took the capsules after nose surgery and the swelling and healing process was noticeably improved.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to use Enzym Complex Classic?

Yes. In general food supplements are intended to supplement your
diet and not used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy

We recommend the use of any food supplement to be discussed with your health
care practitioner, your dietician and/or other professional support if you are younger than 18 years old, pregnant and breastfeeding.

How long can I take the Enzym Complex Classic?

You can take Enzym Complex Classic as part of a temporary regimen but the product is also suitable to be used longer term.

How long will a bottle last me?

The bottle consists of 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is one time 2 capsules per day so the bottle will last 1 month.

Can I use Enzym Complex Classic whilst taking medication?

We recommend the use of our product to be discussed with
your health care practitioner in order to see if it interferes with your specific therapeutic regime.

How should I best use Enzym Complex Classic?

30 minutes before and more than 90 minutes after a meal with water. The enteric coated capsules must not be chewed or crushed in any other way, otherwise the enzymes will not reach the intestines undamaged.

What is FIP activity?

In the case of enzymes, it is not so much the mg amount that is of interest, but rather their activity. Unfortunately, there is no way of specifying the activity of different enzymes as a common measure because each
enzyme has a very specific and usually unique mode of action and there are
numerous methods available to measure the activity of a single enzyme.

The International Pharmaceutical federation established a compendium of standardized methods to measure enzyme activity. Each method is specifically
designed to reflect the specific properties of the individual enzyme. The
activity measured with these methods is called FIP-activity, named after said
organization (French: "Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique").
The quality of FIP is such, that the European Directorate for the Quality
of Medicines (EDQM) has adopted the FIP methods for most of its pharmaceutical enzyme monographies in its handbook, the European Pharmacopeia.
More details about the organisation FIP can be found here:

Since there is a specific FIP-method for each enzyme, FIP-activities from different enzymes cannot be added to obtain an overall or total FIP-activity of a product.

How can I contact Enzym Complex Classic If I have additional questions?

We love to hear from you. You can contact us through
the CONTACT PAGE or send
us an e-mail Enzym
Complex Classic is a product of the FAVEUM company.

Is Enzym Complex Classic vegan?


Where can I buy the Enzym Complex Classic?

You can buy the product on this website and Amazon. But you can ask your pharmacist about the product as well. Enzym Complex Classic can be
found in the pharmacy database with the following PZN numbers:

Germany: 17522412
Austria: 5463288

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