Is it safe to use your products?

Our products are based on natural ingredients. These are safe to use. Please review the specific product information to see if there are restrictions to its use, e.g. not to be used during pregnancy (gluco support), and do not use in biliary tract disorders (joint support). We recommend the use of our products to be discussed with your health care practitioner, your dietician and/or other professional support.

I am overweight or obese and would like to change my lifestyle in order to regain control over my body and feel myself, where and how do I start?

If you are obese, we recommend seeing your doctor. There are (sponsored) programs by (local) governments and insurance companies that coordinate the support you need. 
On this website you will find tips on how to start losing weight and feeling better and healthier in the process. You will find stories of people dealing with overweight and related health issues (e.g. cholesterol, joint pain, pre-diabetes, etc.).

Is the use of Faveum products proven effective?

Yes, our products have proven effectiveness. Our ingredients are reviewed in various scientific studies. You can find more information on the working in the ‘products’ -section.

Do Faveum products have any side effects?

Faveum products are natural food supplement with a strong safety record and no side effects have been reported so far at the recommended dosage.

Do Faveum products interact with any medicines?

Our products are made from natural ingredients and are not expected to significantly interact with any medication. In any case we recommend the use of our products to be discussed with your health care practitioner, your dietician and/or other professional support, especially if you are on anti-diabetic treatment (weight loss support) or use anticoagulants (joint support).

How long will one bottle last me?

Each bottle of Faveum consists of 60 capsules. Most of the products have a recommended dosage of 1 to 2 capsules per day so the bottle will last 1-2 months. Recommended dosage is mentioned in the product information. You will also find advise on how best to use the product in certain situations. For example, if you have been exercising more than usual on a specific day, you can add an additional ‘joint support’-capsule on top of your regimens.

Is your product vegan?

Yes. The ingredients are vegan. The capsule is vegan and the vitamin D3 used in ‘weight-loss support’ is vegan.

How should I best use your products?

We do not believe in a magic pill and advocate that our products are used in conjunction with a (change in) lifestyle including exercise, nutrition and emotional wellbeing. We are here to support that process.

Can I use multiple Faveum products at the same time?

Yes, using more of our products at the same time is possible.

Are your products supporting in case I am not overweight?

Yes, for example ‘joint support’ is good to recover from training and get back going thanks to the high quality boswellia and turmeric ingredients. ‘Mood support’ contains ashwagandha that helps your mental balance and sleep. 

Where are Faveum products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured by our partner in India according to the highest standards. They have ISO and GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practices) certifications. All products are tested by an external certified company in two ways: 
1) micro-biologically and analytically: does the product have the quality and dosage as per the ingredient information on the package; 
2) test on disintegration in the gastro-intestinal tract, i.e. does the capsule dissolve at the location in the body where it has to be absorbed to be able to work efficiently within the body.

Where can I buy Faveum products?

Faveum products are available on this website only and selected online pharmacies. If you order on Faveum.com, our products will be sent to you in convenient boxes that will fit in your mailbox. There is no need to be at home and we guarantee a next-day delivery in case you purchase the product before 6pm. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Are products good to use for people with certain allergies?

Yes, Faveum can also be used for those on vegan and gluten-free diets. It is free of soy. 

How long should I take the products?

Whether you choose to use Faveum for a certain weight-loss regime or on a long-term basis is up to you. Faveum is a natural solution and prolonged use should be fine.

How can I contact Faveum if I have additional questions?

We love to hear from you. You can contact us through the CONTACT PAGE or send us an e-mail on info@faveum.com.

Why should I supplement my diet?

As per the message on our products: “a food supplement is not a substitute for a varied diet. A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.”
In case you are following a weight-loss diet or a professional program to counter your overweight, your body will need to adjust, e.g. your blood sugar level needs to be balanced in order to feel better and healthier. 
Supplementation will improve the results of your program. Our products are a safe support tool to your regime.